How do I get started??

Simply click the “REGISTER” button and fill out the registration form on the next page. The entire process takes a few minutes and can be done on any device including your smart phone or tablet. Our Sales representatives will return a call within 24 hours helping you chose perfect plan that suits your needs and will guide you further. Also, you can call us 941-919-5040 or email us [email protected]

Do I need my Own Authority?

Yes, all owner-operators and carriers working with Metromax Dispatch are required to operate under their own motor carrier authority. We are neither a carrier nor a broker.

Does BOOKit Dispatch help to open new freight transportation company for drivers?

Yes, we can help you set up new company and we can provide our full dispatch and management services for drivers.

What kind of trucking companies do you work with?

We work with carriers of all sizes from one truck Owner Operators to trucking companies with double digit company drivers.

Do you Force Dispatch?

No, as an owner, you can decline a load at any time. We work hard to provide loads that fulfill your requirements and preferences. As long as you communicate it upfront, we will only provide loads per your required profile.

How do Carriers get paid for loads?

When the load is booked under carrier’s company name, same company name is put on the rate confirmation by the broker or shipper and only you as the company owner is authorized to received funds. Funds from tendered loads do not go through our operations, but rather as a performance measurement for our low commission.

How do Carriers pay BOOKit Dispatch for services?

Carriers can pay us via their factoring company, Zelle, via ACH and/or putting a debit/credit card on file. Every week we send carrier an invoice one week in arrears for any payments via ACH and/or debit/credit cards.

What kind of paperwork do you handle for Carriers?

We handle broker/shipper packets on the behalf of carriers as well as any other documents required for load booking. Lastly, we handle submitting load information to brokers and shippers as requested by carriers.

What’s the process of booking a load?

Our agents will stay in contact with you and/or your drivers to obtain their current location and ETA to delivery. Once we know where you are and where you’re going, we’ll begin working on getting you a reload. Once a qualified load is found, our agents will begin to gather information and negotiate rates. We’ll always contact you for approval on every load so there’s nothing to worry about. If you agree to the load offer, we will begin the set-up process, completing packets, requesting insurance certificates, and submitting the necessary documents to the broker. Once complete we will sign the rate confirmation, dispatch you or your driver, send the load information to the driver via our platform and add the original rate confirmation to our portal for your reference.

What if I chose not to take a freight load that you offer me?

We do not force dispatch. If a load offer does not suit your needs, we will continue to look for a load that is acceptable and approved by you.

What brokers or shippers do you conduct business with? And which load boards do you look at?

We only do business with the brokers and shippers that have a good reputation, great credit rating and value our carriers.

How do I know if a shipper or a broker will pay me on time?

We only work with reputable shippers and brokers and in addition to that, always checks their credit worthiness even if they are our longtime partners, therefore, our carrier clients have a complete peace of mind.

Which documentation do I need to sign up for your services today?

Your company’s DOT, Letter of Authority, Signed W-9 Form, Certificate of Insurance and Signed BOOKit Dispatch agreement

What are the requirements to get started with your dispatch service?

Your company’s DOT Letter of Authority, Signed W-9 Form, Certificate of Insurance and Signed BOOKit Dispatch agreement

How much is needed on the insurance?

1 Million General Liability and $100,000 Cargo

What type of trucks does BOOKit Dispatch Work With?

Dry Van, Reefer, Flatbed and Step Deck

On what bases does the Truck Owner get charged?

BOOKit Dispatch charges dispatch fees per load. The load is booked in the carrier and/or owner operators name. The carrier and/or owner operator is paid and after successful delivery, BOOKit Dispatch invoices the carrier for the agreed upon dispatch fee.

Do You Help with Driver Recruitment?

Yes! We do help with Driver Recruitment. BOOKit Dispatch has partnered with driver recruiting services.

What are the Additional Services Provided by BOOKit Dispatch?

BOOKit Dispatch as a One Stop Shop for Trucking, We have partnerships in Factoring, Driver Recruitment, ELD, Insurance and Trailer Leasing. BOOKit clients have access to bundle deals and discounts from our partners.

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